How to electric motor maintenance

Like any other machine, it is important to maintain the electric motors so that they continue to function properly. Maintenance should always be performed by a professional who is really specialized in this matter, it prevents the machine has compromised your operation.

To maintain the electric motor is necessary to determine the frequency with which it will occur. That’s because those little-used engines do not need maintenance in a short time, which is already the case when it comes to an engine that is used continuously.

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Nothing more appropriate than a good professional to be performing this maintenance procedure, according to the needs of its electric motor. The values ​​depend heavily on the company that is contracted and also the type of maintenance that will be carried out, look for research prices before you close the contract with the company.

Buy online electric motor

Buy online electric motor is possible through the shops that work with products in this segment. It’s not news to anyone that the virtual market already has several types of products that we can get much more easily than in physical stores. Not to mention also that we save considerable time when we make a purchase online.

Like any other product that you will buy, you must have knowledge of the site and give preference to those who are trusted and known. At the time of making your electric motor online purchase is necessary to make a comparison of values ​​for you to find one site that offers the best deal for you to save.


The price depends largely on the model and engine type you want to buy. Those more complex motors which are suitable for heavier applications are typically those with a higher value. It is always good and look at each option and see which is the most suitable for what you are looking for.

Electric motor price used

The price of the electric motor used ends up being much more affordable than the new model. But the person has to look at a few factors before making the purchase and always opting for a more conserved model, so at least we have the assurance of his durability.

When buying, do some research and compare the values to see which is most feasible for you. Today we have many physical and virtual stores where you can buy this product. The Free Market, for example, has various types of engines affordable, but there are other sites as well, this is just one example.

The type of engine you want is the main detail that will set the price, in addition to this feature, there are others that are also important in determining the price. The motor idm2333 serves to change electric energy into mechanical energy and therefore can be present in many different segments.

Ventilation can bring excessive noise to the electric motor

The noise caused by the electric motor has been the cause of concern among companies and the main caused noise in the electric motor are: magnetic noise, bearing noise, mechanical balance and ventilation.

Lack of rotor balancing can generate vibrations and this can result in a resonant system which means that the electric motor is making a lot of noise us2 100 tension automation.

With increasing electric motor power is the fact that the ventilation of the electric motor should also be improved, but it can bring higher noise level to the electric motor.

The angle, width, thickness of the blade, the speed and proximity of the ice cap are points to be analyzed in electric motor design, because if they are not well evaluated there will be a lot of noise in the electric motor.
The standard responsible for determining the noise limits in the electric motor and the other machines is the NBR 7565.

Electric motor usually have a useful life of 10 years

The electric motor typically have a higher life to ten years, but it depends on the general conditions in which the electric motor is used. If we take into account the energy consumption during the ten-year life of the electric motor is easy to see that the cost for the electric motor is acquired is higher than the cost of operating the electric motor throughout its lifetime.

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So that the electric motor does not suffer from the losses, it is necessary that the electric motor of the ventilation system or the electromagnetic system presents considerable reductions on total cost which is the sum of the acquisition of the electric motor over its operation.

About 50% of electricity consumption in the country is related to the electric motor. This means that the electric motor to save energy, there will be savings in the energy bill of the owner of the company and the government can invest to improve the energy supply in Brazil.